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Major Accident Hazards Bureau

Safety Reports

Since the coming into force of the Seveso II Directive, considerable experience has been acquired in regard to preparation of safety reports for establishments that fall under the requirements of this Directive. In the light of this experience, the Amendment of the Seveso II Directive adopted by the European Parliament and the Council on 16 December 2003, gave the Commission the mandate “to review by 31 December 2006 in close cooperation with the Member States, the existing Guidance on the Preparation of a Safety Report (EUR 17690). As a result a technical working group of Member States representing the Seveso competent authorities and the European Commission’s Major Accident Hazards Bureau was established to review and re-examine the guidance.

The present web section aims at providing information on the outcome of this activity. The new EU guidance maintains the high-level and outreaching character of the older version, but improves the document through better definition of conceptual elements of the safety report and greater alignment with annex II of the Directive which describes the essential elements of the safety report. For instance, the document elaborates explanations of certain key principles, such as roles and responsibilities of the operator and the competent authorities, the central purpose and focus of the report, and the relevance of the safety report in the context of the Seveso II Directive and specific obligations of the Directive.