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Hosted by Mr. Dominique Ristori,
Director General of the Joint Research Centre,
in collaboration with the
Directorate General Enterprise and Industry


Extreme space-weather events such as geomagnetic storms are natural phenomena caused by solar activity that can have a serious impact on modern technological infrastructures such as electrical power grids, telecommunication, global satellite navigation (GNSS) and banking. In view of the upcoming solar maximum expected in 2013 the “Space-Weather Awareness Dialogue” aims at raising awareness of the potential impact of space weather on critical infrastructures in view of the growing risk of technological catastrophic events. The dialogue aims to identify related operational and policy challenges for disaster prevention, preparedness and mitigation and to make recommendations for concrete actions. The final outcome of the event will be to establish a roadmap to go from awareness to action at the EU policy level in order to secure EU critical infrastructures in the presence of extreme space-weather events.


The event is structured into six sessions organised as panel discussions supported by moderators and rapporteurs. The panellists, who are all invited high-ranking representatives and experts from the various stakeholder groups, will discuss different aspects of space weather and its impact on critical infrastructures from a variety of operational and organisational perspectives. In addition, the moderators will actively involve the audience in the discussions.

Contributors and Participants:

Invited policy makers and experts from industry, research organizations, infrastructure operators and government agencies.